Junior Class

2014 SGA Election Candidate Profiles

Junior class
Reported by Brianna Bazemore, Brianna Forte, Danielle Fuller and Miranda Jacobs

Candidate: Kayla M. Harris
Office: Junior Class President
After being contacted via twitter, Harris did not respond to give commentary for the interview.

Candidate: Adamah Marenah
Office: Junior Class President
Marenah was unable to give an interview due to obligations at a conference in Durham, N.C.

Candidate: Diamond A. Womack
Office: Junior Class Vice President
After being contacted via twitter, Womack did not respond to give commentary for the interview.

Candidate: Marcus Miller
Office: Junior Class Treasurer
Marcus Miller is an accounting major here at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Miller arrived to the university as a transfer student, and said that he saw much that needed to be done. At that point he made it a personal goal to become a member of the student government association. By running for an SGA position, Miller felt that he could take an active role in influencing change at the university. This is his first time running for any office at the university, but Miller says that he has the knowledge of the role of the treasurer, and believes that it is his leadership skills, him being money savvy, and his creativity that will help him be successful in office. Miller is running on the platform of, “I don’t have time for fun and games, but I do have time for counting change. If change is what you want, vote Marcus Miller for Junior Class Treasurer.” He wants to drive his mission to change. Miller used the word “determination” to describe himself. He is determined to give students what they need rather than just doing what he wants in office. He says, “I believe that because I am dedicated, motivated and willing to work hard towards improvement, makes me the best candidate.” Miller also said he wants to give fellow classmates that same determination to better themselves and the people around them. When Miller was asked about his goals for his term in office he said, “My goals for my position are simple; I want everyone in NCAT to be financially fit. By that I mean I want everyone to know how to save and spend their money wisely so that they can have it for the future as well.” This says that Marcus Miller is looking to more than manage the junior class’ money. He also wants to provide students with life skills. Miller plans to help students improve by using various programs. It seems that although he is running for junior class treasurer his mission extends much further than the class. Marcus Miller said in reference to his campaign, “…I really do want us as a university to excel and continue to excel even harder than before.” –Danielle Fuller

Candidate: Shamika Price
Office: Junior Class Queen
Price was unable to be contacted for interview commentary.

Candidate: De’Andre I. Gilliard
Office: Junior Class King
After being contacted via twitter, Gilliard did not respond to give commentary for the interview.

Interview with Jamal Averett and Brianna Botswain
Office: Junior Class King and Queen

To Reign or Not to Reign…Again?

The names, Jamal Averett and Brianna Boatswain may ring bells to some of you. Why would those names be familiar to you? It may be because of the upcoming elections for SGA, class kings and queens, and Mister and Miss A&T or it could be because these two students are everywhere (I mean that in a good way!). Jamal and Brianna are both staples for their junior class, as they have both held previous and current SGA positions, were the class of 2016’s Mister and Miss’s Freshman, and participate in numerous campus organizations and events. With their extensive resumes, experience, and inescapable magnetic personalities, one would think that these two would be the best candidates for the job. Of course only time and the voters will tell.

Why they wanted to be the next Junior Class King and Queen:
Avertt said, “…this is something I am very passionate about. Also a lot of my fellow classmates came up and expressed how bad they really wanted to me run for Mister Junior, it was an humbling experience that you actually have people who look up to you when sometimes you begin to doubt yourself. One of the best experiences of my life.”
Boatswain said, “I choose to run for the position of junior class queen because I want to be able to look back in about 10 years and say because I did this I made someone else life better, I helped better the community, and I inspired someone else to do the same thing.”

When it comes to why he is the best candidate for the job:
Averett said, “I think what makes me best candidate for the position is my drive, my work ethics, my people skills, and most importantly my passion to serve my class. As a whole, I have made it my responsibility to try to reach out to everyone in the class of 2016, whether it be social media or in person. One thing that I King should embody is the ability to be relatable and know how to converse with people from all different walks of life. As soon as I stepped on North Carolina A&T campus I knew I wanted to make a change, with this being said I feel that if elected I want to serve as the liaison from the students to the faculty and actually see a change in our class.”
Boatswain said, “I will not say that I am the best candidate for this position simply because I believe that a true leader never needs recognition but I will say experience goes a long ways, serving as freshman class queen and the sophomore class treasurer has helped me build and gain all of the knowledge that I need to know to best serve North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University Class of 2016, so let’s keep moving forward because we have no time to take steps backwards!”

On their Previous Experience:
Averett said, “My previous experience will help me be successful because everything that I do in life I use it learning experience, to grow from it and better as a person. These position have helped me with my professionalism, work ethics, the ability to speak in public in front of a crowd and my brand.” Boatswain said, “I choose to run for the position of junior class queen because I want to be able to look back in about 10 years and say because I did this I made someone else life better, I helped better the community, and I inspired someone else to do the same thing.”
On their campaigns/platforms:
Averett said, “If elected, I can bring that sense of unity. I’m all about empowering the next black brother or sister to the next of me. With that being said, I think the class of 2016 lacks unity and a support system. Once we have all of that we will be an unstoppable class and will make it our Personal Responsibility in Delivering Excellence. Thank you so much for your time. If you support me and where I am going for my class. Elect ME JAMAL Averett Wednesday March 26th 2014 from 8:00am-6:00pm. Remember P.R.I.D.E is Everything”

Boatswain said, “my campaign is Authentic, straight from the heart, I refuse to make promises because breaking promises is simply telling a lie, I want my class to be able to believe me when I say “Vote Brianna Boatswain for Miss junior a decision you will not regret” because I have a passion for helping others and if I had the opportunity to be A&T’s very own Junior Class Queen, I believe that my class can trust in me that I will carry out all of my duties.” “I believe that the community is the back bone of our society, and without maintaining it with service and dedication it will fail. In order to do so I’ve built a simple structure called the
B.E.E.H.I.V.E Bold excellent experienced humble inspirational vocal and Equal are all the qualities that the hive strives on and as junior class queen I will make sure that not only I am, but WE are as strong as our weakest link in each of these qualities. So I leave you with this “JOIN THE BEEHIVE AND LETS BEE GREAT TOGETHER”

Additional information:

Candidate: Arianna Allen
“The only thing that stands between you and your dream is the will to try and the belief that it is actually possible.” – Joel Brown

Arianna is a sophomore more who is running for Junior Class President. She is currently Vice President of the Sophomore Class. She wants to portray a business oriented class because around this time students are looking for job opportunities, co-ops and internships. Her platform that she stands on for her campaign is “Ready to serve”; she wants to listen and understand what the class of 2016 wants and provide their needs to the best of her ability. It’s obvious she wants to please and satisfy the rising juniors of next year. “I would like to close the gap between the class executive board and the rest of the class; I would like us all to work together to reach common goals.” said Arianna, explaining how she wants the class to become one and know each other at least on a first basis, we need a sense of unity.

Candidate: Mariyah Pressley
Mariyah Pressley is a sophomore running for Junior Class President. She is one the dance coordinators for the organization Couture and a future Biomedical Engineer. Mariyah wants to achieve the goal of making the class officers and students of 2016 to come together. She will be striving for more class participation in event/program “brainstorming” so the e-board can make sure that the things planned are more effective and benefits the rising juniors in some kind of way. She has a great deal of experience with being a leader such as SGA Pres., president from high school and is a member and Vice President of Alpha Lambda Delta National Honor Society. “My campaign platform is building bonds and making moves. Building bonds refers to what I stated earlier about bridging that gap and making moves is about working together to better our gpa, community, and ourselves” said Mariyah as she discussed her platform. She describes herself as bubbly, fun-loving person 24/7 and has a natural positive energy. Also, due to her dance background she can bring a creative approach to a leadership position.

Candidate: Brian Oulds
Reached and still waiting for his response through email.

Candidate: Adama F. Marenah
I am still waiting on the candidate’s response.

Kayla M. Harris
Still no response.


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