SGA Elections: Executive Board

Reported by Chris Jones, Andre Kirkland, Devon Murray and Doneshia Webster

Let’s get ready to rumble!!! As the gloves came out and the opponents entered into the ring, Round One came with a knockout. SGA Treasurer Candidate Gabrielle Gray presented the Gift of GAB to all fellow Aggies. The Gift of G.A.B. stands for Grinding for success, Achieving financial literacy, and Building towards our future. Gabrielle demanded respect by being confident, having poise, and gaining trust through words of promise.

On the other hand, current Treasurer Jasmine Graham asked the crowd if they were fully aware of all the financial changes that are taking place that may affect them and if not, would they like to be aware.  Her lack of readiness caused her to stumble throughout her speech; therefore, it caused her presentation to be boring.

During the intermission, current Secretary Kayla Baker assured the audience that although she is running unopposed for this position, the university is in good hands. Also, the Attorney General candidates informed us that their job is to work closely with the SGA President. When it came down to who would be the best for the position, none of the three candidates stood out. Meanwhile, unopposed candidate Brandon Sells is running for Vice President of Internal Affairs.  Brandon expressed that he will give his whole self while fulfilling the duties of this position. Furthermore, out of the three candidates running for Vice President of External Affairs, only two expressed to the crowd why they were the best for the position.  Candidate James Brown and current VPEA Melanie Jones went into great details of their platforms by giving examples of their social and business experiences, while candidate Cora Taft stayed above the rim.

Final round!!! As the train came into the station, candidate Dorian Troy Davis promised that during his administration, no Aggie will be left behind.  Next candidate Jawari Boyd brought emotion to the room when he talked about his lifestyle change that gave him the confidence to run for such a prestigious position.  Lastly, Saeed Jones took a humble approach by explaining his hardships through college, but also how he became motivated to stay in the race.

Though all candidates have shown their motivation for each position, who will actually come out on top?  We have been dazzled by the Gift of GAB, we have been promised that we are in good hands, we have been asked to board the train of prosperity and lastly we have been assured that by personal experience these are the best candidates running. Let the battle begin!


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