Miss A&T

Reported by Ashley Mason
Note: Other candidates have not replied.

Jordon Outing is management major here at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. She is from Chesapeake, Virginia, for she started her down to aggie land. Jordon desired to be Miss. A&T since she was a freshman, and she believed she would be a great representation for this campus. Also, she wanted to succeed f having an impact on her university and community. Throughout her years at A&T, she became unsure of herself, for she decided the position was too overwhelming and she would run for Miss. Senior. However, her junior year she knew not to be complacent and if God has in his plans, she would receive the crown, but if not it was not in his will. Outing’s platform is “Going for the G.O.L.D, Go out and Live Your Dreams,” meaning she cannot live her life wanting to accomplish dreams and goals with knowing that she did not do all she could succeed. She wants the opportunity to encourage other people around her, starting with her peers. Outing has much experience as a leader, for she was president of an organization called “Top Teens of America” for two years. She is a youth dance choreographer at her church, and she mentored at Smith Homes Boys and Girls Club. Jordon believes to stay true to herself and admitting she has tried to be someone she is not. Furthermore, she has realized she cannot be anyone, but Jordon. If she is elected to be the next Miss. North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, for she would be humble and honored to do the job.


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