Mister A&T interviews

Reported by Janay Boone

James Bowen II
James Bowen II is a Junior Industrial & Systems Engineering major hailing from the small town of Riegelwood, NC. James has dedicated himself  to setting a standard of excellence within himself that he hope shines outwardly to those who see and interact with him on a daily basis. He comes to the student body humbly to ask for support in his campaign to become your next Mister North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. James is affiliated with organizations such as Residence Hall Association, North Carolina A&T Honors Program, and he also serves as your Mister Junior for the 2013-2014 school year.North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University has molded him into the man he is today, and for that he will be forever indebted to this great institution.He stands, ready and willing, to serve this university with confidence, decorum, and good ole’ Aggie Pride

Brenden Kee
Brenden Kee is Junior Electrical Engineering major from “The ATL” Atlanta,Georgia. He is running to become your next Mister North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.Brenden’s platform “ Inspiration, Motivation,and Dedication” has all the qualities he believes will make this a better campus. He would like to incorporate his platform by being a role model for students between the ages of 12-17. He wants to promote higher education by attending application day at local high schools in the Greensboro area. Bringing awareness of community service is very important to him and he is willing to participate in any community service activity. He relates to problems that everyday college students have and he feels that is an important part of being the face of the university. He believes that he has the intelligence, military leadership and faith to obtain this illustrious position.

Bryan Miller
N/A. Was not able to get in touch with.


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