Junior Class Election Results

Reported by Brianna Bazemore, Brianna Forte, Danielle Fuller and Miranda Jacobs

The results for Junior Class elections are in and the winners are as follows:  Junior Class vice president, Diamond Womack. During elections Diamond Womack was not able to be reached for an interview; therefore little is known about her platform.  The office of treasurer was awarded to Marcus Miller. Miller ran unopposed but he understands that the office of treasure is a demanding position. When asked why he was running unopposed, Miller stated that though many in the student body are focused on money, few know how properly manage funds or know where funds come from. Miller wants to focus on financial literacy for students. For junior class secretary there was an issue with the submission of the final forms.  So, it is unclear if there is an elected class secretary. There was also the understanding that Autumn Bracey was running unopposed but there was another candidate on the ballot.

For the remaining offices runoff elections are scheduled. The runoff elections will be scheduled for April 2, 2014 in the union and online from 8 o’clock am to 6 o’clock pm.  The following candidates will be in the runoff elections: Aryanna Allen and Kayla Harris for junior class president. There will be a runoff election between Charity Maddox and Kristie Foye for Junior Class Queen. Lastly, there will be runoff election between Jamal Averett and Austin Ogletree for Junior Class King.




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