Senior class follow-up

Reported by: Marcella Elliott, Prince Adams, Megan Gerald, Kayla Hamilton

Candidate Asha E. Bowen is a rising senior running for senior class president. She is the only one running for this position on the ballot so she won with default. The two candidates running for the 2014-2015 Senior Vice Presidents were Lauren A.R. Parker and Keisha M. Lidburd, there was no information found on the results of who won, and the candidates could not be found for further information. If any of candidates are up for runoffs, there will be more information on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Candidate Jabriel Brown won senior class secretary by default. And the position for senior class treasure will be vacant this year due to the fact that no one ran for this position.

Candidate Robert Harrison Tate is a junior business management student from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He wanted to run for senior class king, because he was involved with SGA last year as their graphic designer creating promotional ads and wanted to take his efforts to the next level. Tate thinks it is important to give young people a positive example; he wants to be the one that keeps someone going and striving for success. On March 26th, he was crowned Senior Class king for the 2014-2015 academic school year, though he was running unopposed. Robert now is able to fulfill his dreams as being a role model for his senior class of 2015.

Candidate Adrianne N. Darby was running for senior class queen. She is involved in ROTC and believes in service for the community. Darby wants to create unique volunteer opportunities for the senior class, unlike previous years before her. Her platform is change and if she had won then she promised she would have implemented this. Joy McIntyre is a Junior Business student with a concentration in Marketing from Prince George’s County, Maryland. In high school she was involved in Student Government for the latter two years of her grade school experience. She attended many conferences as a student representative including Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Government (PGRASG) and the Maryland Association of Student Council (MASC). Involved since her freshman year as an Aggie Ambassador, Student Tele-counselor, as well as being on the E-board for Metro Aggies. I have continued this involvement every year since. “I feel that now I can take my passion and ideas to the next level by being the representation for my entire class”- Joy McIntyre. It was by her passion and dedication that Joy won. She gave powerful speeches proving to her audience that she was the best candidate for Miss Senior Class Queen. With Keya Elie and Adrianne Darby making this competition easy, Joy spoke with confidence, gave it her all and flashed her beautiful smile, winning her title Miss Senior Class Queen.


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