Sophomore class follow-up

Reported by Shequetta Nixon, Sateria Giles, Aliyah Benton, Arial Coxe

Candidate Lakota Maize was not available for a follow-up. She won Sophomore Class Vice President. Maize hopes to serve her community and peers by giving back all that she has received. Maize stood out from the other candidates by her hard work, determination, and unique platform. Maize had more experience than her opponent as well giving her the advantage. Maize understands that college can be stressful from freshman to sophomore year because students lack the knowledge and assistance to preparing for college. The current sophomore vice president will contribute to the university, and leave her mark here at North Carolina A&T State University.

Candidate Robert C Hall has now entered into the run-off election between him and Mr. Curtis Pope. Robert said that he does not believe that his fellow freshman class has the proper leadership and support, so he wants to be that leader to take this campaign to the next level. His motto for the election is “Raised by its history, embodied with its culture, I am an Aggie.” Robert aims to put a larger focus on where we’ve come from so that we have guidance for the future. Robert says if he wins he will be extremely happy, and continue to think outside of the box in order to succeed at all achievements.

Candidate Jordan Greene has won the title for Sophomore President. He can now fulfill his passion to help his peers and get involved on A&T’s campus. Greene was the freshman class President for 2013-2014 school year. Now Jordan can follow through with his platform which is “Leadership, Service, and Excellence.” Greene has the experience to meet the requirements for this position because of his former position in the freshman class. Jordan was not available for comments in regards to the result of the election. His time as sophomore president will show his peers what he is capable of and how he fulfilled the job.      


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