Juniors turnout for SGA elections

Junior class election coverage by reporters Patrick Battle, Delanee-Alexis Coley, Sameyra Moten, Valencia James, and Kassia J. McKain.

We covered the Junior Class Elections last week. We started by each member in our group choosing who we would interview and what questions we would ask. Each of us had three to five people to interview. We attended events like “Meet the Candidates” and go to the speeches that were held. In order to get in contact with the candidates we did not know well we added their social media accounts like instagram and twitter to explain our project and why we needed to speak with them. Afterwards we set up our interviews which with some of the candidates was a difficult task because of their schedules and how busy each of us were; but when we did meet with the candidates it was well worth it. We were able to get all of our questions answered and they were very eager to talk about their platforms.

The candidates:

  • Junior Class President
    • Nigel Hammett
  • Junior Class Vice President
    • Chanel Bostic, Kacey Sumter, Brandy Meeks
  • Junior Class King
    • Quishun Jenkins, Paul Johnson, Jai’lyn Thompson
  • Junior Class Queen
    • Kierra Byers, Dawn Moye, Ly’Asha Anderson, Andrea Ayinde, Daijah Lucas
  • Junior Class Secretary
    • Kentona Tinsley
  • Junior Class Treasurer
    • Hope Hunter

There was one candidate running for the position of President (Nigel Hammett), one for secretary (Kentona Tinsley , and one treasurer (Hope Hunter). Each ran unopposed and they, as expected, won. The overall experience was great; being able to connect with individuals some of us would have never met before this project. It was also fascinating to see all of the plans they had, how excited they were to be so far in the election, and how passionate they were about being involved and getting others involved on campus. We were all able to get enough pictures and videos to tweet about it so the overall project was a success.

There were five candidates that ran for Junior Class Queen. The five candidates were Kierra Byers, Dawn Moye, Ly’Asha Anderson, Andrea Ayinde, and Daijah Lucas. We interviewed the candidates on their platforms, their plans for the next academic year based off of their platform, and what really motivated them to run for the position. The race for this position was very competitive and exciting. What really stuck out about this race was that four of the five candidates had been running for the first time coming out of their “shell”. It was very inspiring to see young women stand up and say “I want to help my class”. This position had the most candidates out of the entire class and maybe out of all classes. Not to mention each candidate was very creative with their platform and had actual stories to back their platforms up. This has by far been one of the most competitive legislative elections we’ve seen during our time here at North Carolina A&T

The candidates for Junior class vice president were: Chanel Bostic, Brandy Meeks, and Kacey Sumter. Chanel Bostic. Chanel Bostic explained that it was her first time “stepping out of her comfort zone” and that it is an experience that is building character for her. Brandy Meeks was busy and on the go for much of her campaign time but assured that it was an important time for her. Run offs were held on April 6, 2016 between the two finalists, Chanel Bostic and Kacey Sumter. @coleyscomments

During the time of elections, we took my time to interview a candidate running for Mister Junior. Although he didn’t win, Paul Johnson had a great platform that he would produce if named Mister Junior. His platform was based on “Bringing us together, one step at a time.” Through his platform he would implement lots of mentorship programs, consistent community service projects, and a program to unify the junior class. Quishun D. Jenkins’s platform was “Bridging the Gap”. He spoke on how there is a huge gap within our class and how he would like to bridge it by creating opportunities for us to unite and service the community. He believes in networking. Jailyn Thompson’s platform is (S)erving (A)ggies (U)sing (C)ommunity (E)fforts. He spoke on how it is time to pay it forward. We interviewed both Quishun and Jailyn about where they stand in the election and why they wanted to run Mister Junior. Quishun said, “There are not enough men out here standing up for what they believe in.” With Jailyn, in his interview he spoke on how he wanted to show the older people how to become tech savvy, help the obese kids, and give back to the Flint crisis.” Both stood firmly on what they believed. On the day of the elections all the guys were generously giving out flowers and saying that chivalry is not dead, which I thought was very moving. Those guys were definitely showing what it means to be a gentleman. In the end, however, Quishun Jenkins won unanimously and he is our Junior Class King.








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