Seniors elect Green as Miss Senior

Senior Class Elections

The Executive board team included Shantel Chung, Nick Brown, Dominique Taylor, and Robert Sneed

Each spring, North Carolina A&T State University’s SGA elections create a lot of energy and excitement on campus. This 2016-2017 SGA elections wasn’t any different.

Although the Senior Class had a lot of vacancies, Blair Green ran for Miss Senior and was the only candidate. Since Green was the only candidate for the title, she won Miss Senior for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Blair Green, the new Miss Senior 2016-2017 ran a platform advocating leadership and service. “My platform is T.A.S.K.”, she said. “That stands for tradition, action, service, and knowledge. I want to bring back tradition to the school and also have a lot of community service events for students. I want to have events dedicated towards feeding the homeless, programs for African American girls and self-esteem, and sickle-cell events”.

Green also discussed her feelings on being the only candidate for Miss Senior.

“I feel a little disappointed that I didn’t have any competition, but I am also thankful that I get the opportunity to start on my platform as soon as possible.

Bryan Johnson is a rising senior and will serve as the new Mister Senior 2016-2017, Johnson and journalism and mass communications student. The platform Johnson was running on was, “King’s believe strive and conquer.

For a king believes in service, strives in oneself and conquers in education”. When asking Bryan how does it feel to know that he ran unopposed, he said it makes him strive to push more outside the box.

Johnson also went on to say that he wishes that the rising senior class would have more interest and concern about their class. There is a lack of support and he says that he wants everyone to succeed.

Johnson’s destiny has not always been to run for a position, but when asking him what pushed him to run this year; he told me he has always been a leader and motivator. So he decided to take the next step and, make it a reality.

Questionably, people were shocked that there weren’t others who ran against him. Johnson plans to bring six community programs this upcoming school year to the senior class.

“I have some more tricks up my sleeve but those are a few works in the making”, he said. With his platform and how it represents him is the simple fact that he stays true to who he is, and is a natural to serving others.

Kenneth Rocker is a rising senior and ran for senior class vice president for the 2016-2017 academic school year. He was running on the platform “inspire and create.”

He was seeking to improve the unity within his class and for the future aggie scholars. His plan was to connect members of his class through social and informational events that will ultimately form a relationship between students bonded by success.

Rocker wants to be a driving factor that inspires and creates postgraduate opportunities for the members of his class that will be known throughout the senior class professional careers. Unfortunately his effects in becoming senior vice president were diminished.

On March 24th during the hours of 10:45-11:10 am, he accessed his personal computer to submit the financial disclosure form and was under the impression that his form was submitted. On March 26th when checking his OrgSync portal, Rocker realized that his form was not approved.

Rocker explained that his form may not have been submitted due to a system timeout error that arose when trying to access the school’s network on his personal computer. Therefore, Rocker was disqualified and unable to run for senior class vice president.

Crystal Maye, a rising senior who is a liberal studies with a concentration in pre-law student, was the winner in her campaign for Senior Class Vice President.

Maye’s campaign platform was “Masking a new plan towards building new connections while preparing for the future” While in office of Senior Class Vice President, Maye plans to hold events such as the Graduate day school fair.

This event would help graduating seniors find financial aid for those who plan to go to graduate school. By completing surveys about which schools students plan to attend, Maye would be able to look into these schools to find potential fee waivers.

She also plans to hold an alumnus fair. These alumni fairs would bring alumni to campus and allow seniors to build connections with alumni and acquire stepping stones into the real world.

When asked about the fact that nobody ran for senior class president, Maye was unsure how she felt about it. “I don’t really know how to feel about it” she answered. “I thought more students would have for these positions”.

The Vice President did, however, list some reasons as to why students wouldn’t have run.

“More people would be interested in running for the royal court instead of the Class candidate positions anyway. Also there is the chance that seniors are focusing on going into their last year of school and working on their careers.”

Although there is no current president, Crystal Maye will fill in the President position if the Student class board goes on any ventures known as Retreat. When questioned about why Maye didn’t run for president herself, Maye replied by stating that the vice president is the backbone of the entire organization. “The Vice President holds everything together. I do feel like I am the best person to hold everything together.”

In conclusion, with the positions that are not being finalized there will be a runoff in the fall semester. Students will get to show their interest in running for the opening positions.








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