Spring 2017 SGA election results

Sophomore Class
Teeghan Wiggins-Miss Sophomore
Karson McLeod-Mister Sophomore
Mariah Abraham-Class President
Reese Bearden-Vice PresidentJunior
Kendall Mack- Mister Junior

Paul Johnson-Mister Senior
Kentona Tinsley-Miss Senior

Quishun Jenkins-Mister A&T
Derek Edwards-SGA Treasurer
ShaiAnn Clayton-VPIA
David Kimbro-VPEA
Tylik McMillian-Attorney General
Chelcee G Lee- Student Judiciary Council

Run Off
Miss A&T
Junior Class President
Miss Junior
Sophomore Class Secretary

Fall Elections 
SGA President
Junior Class Vice President


Juniors turnout for SGA elections

Junior class election coverage by reporters Patrick Battle, Delanee-Alexis Coley, Sameyra Moten, Valencia James, and Kassia J. McKain.

We covered the Junior Class Elections last week. We started by each member in our group choosing who we would interview and what questions we would ask. Each of us had three to five people to interview. We attended events like “Meet the Candidates” and go to the speeches that were held. In order to get in contact with the candidates we did not know well we added their social media accounts like instagram and twitter to explain our project and why we needed to speak with them. Afterwards we set up our interviews which with some of the candidates was a difficult task because of their schedules and how busy each of us were; but when we did meet with the candidates it was well worth it. We were able to get all of our questions answered and they were very eager to talk about their platforms.

The candidates:

  • Junior Class President
    • Nigel Hammett
  • Junior Class Vice President
    • Chanel Bostic, Kacey Sumter, Brandy Meeks
  • Junior Class King
    • Quishun Jenkins, Paul Johnson, Jai’lyn Thompson
  • Junior Class Queen
    • Kierra Byers, Dawn Moye, Ly’Asha Anderson, Andrea Ayinde, Daijah Lucas
  • Junior Class Secretary
    • Kentona Tinsley
  • Junior Class Treasurer
    • Hope Hunter

There was one candidate running for the position of President (Nigel Hammett), one for secretary (Kentona Tinsley , and one treasurer (Hope Hunter). Each ran unopposed and they, as expected, won. The overall experience was great; being able to connect with individuals some of us would have never met before this project. It was also fascinating to see all of the plans they had, how excited they were to be so far in the election, and how passionate they were about being involved and getting others involved on campus. We were all able to get enough pictures and videos to tweet about it so the overall project was a success.

There were five candidates that ran for Junior Class Queen. The five candidates were Kierra Byers, Dawn Moye, Ly’Asha Anderson, Andrea Ayinde, and Daijah Lucas. We interviewed the candidates on their platforms, their plans for the next academic year based off of their platform, and what really motivated them to run for the position. The race for this position was very competitive and exciting. What really stuck out about this race was that four of the five candidates had been running for the first time coming out of their “shell”. It was very inspiring to see young women stand up and say “I want to help my class”. This position had the most candidates out of the entire class and maybe out of all classes. Not to mention each candidate was very creative with their platform and had actual stories to back their platforms up. This has by far been one of the most competitive legislative elections we’ve seen during our time here at North Carolina A&T

The candidates for Junior class vice president were: Chanel Bostic, Brandy Meeks, and Kacey Sumter. Chanel Bostic. Chanel Bostic explained that it was her first time “stepping out of her comfort zone” and that it is an experience that is building character for her. Brandy Meeks was busy and on the go for much of her campaign time but assured that it was an important time for her. Run offs were held on April 6, 2016 between the two finalists, Chanel Bostic and Kacey Sumter. @coleyscomments

During the time of elections, we took my time to interview a candidate running for Mister Junior. Although he didn’t win, Paul Johnson had a great platform that he would produce if named Mister Junior. His platform was based on “Bringing us together, one step at a time.” Through his platform he would implement lots of mentorship programs, consistent community service projects, and a program to unify the junior class. Quishun D. Jenkins’s platform was “Bridging the Gap”. He spoke on how there is a huge gap within our class and how he would like to bridge it by creating opportunities for us to unite and service the community. He believes in networking. Jailyn Thompson’s platform is (S)erving (A)ggies (U)sing (C)ommunity (E)fforts. He spoke on how it is time to pay it forward. We interviewed both Quishun and Jailyn about where they stand in the election and why they wanted to run Mister Junior. Quishun said, “There are not enough men out here standing up for what they believe in.” With Jailyn, in his interview he spoke on how he wanted to show the older people how to become tech savvy, help the obese kids, and give back to the Flint crisis.” Both stood firmly on what they believed. On the day of the elections all the guys were generously giving out flowers and saying that chivalry is not dead, which I thought was very moving. Those guys were definitely showing what it means to be a gentleman. In the end, however, Quishun Jenkins won unanimously and he is our Junior Class King.







Class of 2018 selects leaders

The sophomore class reporting team includes:


Sophomore Class

In the coming weeks, SGA has been preparing for the election period. Elections started on April 4 and there were two people running for sophomore class secretary. The ballots only showed one person running, Arlette Hawkins. The other person running for sophomore class secretary, Angelena Castro, was not elected.

Hawkins is the youngest of five children, and she has always been surrounded with people that have gone headstrong with all of their goals. Her brother served as class president at Morgan State University. Seeing her brother be successful only made her want to do the same.

In high school Hawkins was senior class secretary where she served a great term. She and her team were able to plan exciting things for the senior class. She initiated a senior trip, that for a long time had not been done. She plans to do similar things at A&T.

Hawkins is taking her role as sophomore class secretary at A&T seriously. She is not doing this for a resume or for popularity. She really enjoyed serving as senior class secretary when she was in high school, and she assures people that although serving on college SGA is a bit harder she has faith in her capabilities.

Unfortunately the passing of Hawkins father at the age of 14 really put her drive into gear. She worked hard to ensure that her mother would not have to pay for her tuition when she went off to college. Hawkins graduated high school with an advanced diploma, cosmetology license, and over $200,000 in scholarships for college.

Hawkins wants people to know that, “If elected sophomore class secretary, I will bring more than a pen, paper and a few ideas to the table; I will bring influential change and growth to a class.”

There are three great young men who are currently freshman that are running to become Mister Sophomore. Each individual brings their own personality and style to the platform of being Mr. Sophomore. Kendall Mack is not a new face to royal court. He currently serves as Mister Freshman. He is looking for a back to back reign. His c

Campaign is “It’s better to be empowered than empower. Empower yourself, empower your peers, and empower our community.” When asked why do you want to be Mister Sophomore, he responded “because I am already community service oriented and I believe I can influence my class as well as possibly the whole school to start and engaging in more community service projects that will to make Greensboro a better place. “

Alex Bailey is from High-Point, NC and his platform is restoring the aggie way achieving great goals in everything. “Restoring The Aggie Way is my vision and goal to restore the rising sophomore class to the trends of classes before through community service, community engagement and class recognition”, said Mr. Bailey.

Derek J. Edwards is from Charleston, SC. His platform is “Get On Scene” which is designed to throw the spotlight on you, The Class of 2019. Mr. Edwards stated in an interview, “since my childhood I always wanted to serve my community, be a leader, and inspire others to pursue greatness. Leading to a new chapter in my life while advancing my education by enrolling to the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. Last semester I took on the task to break my barriers and run for Mr. Freshman! Although the outcome was not in my favor I have an ambitious mentality. Never give up on your dreams.

NC A&T SU produces successful black men in abundance. These three are just an example of what is to come. Yet again, another tight competition for royal.

Rules and guidelines are very strict while campaigning. You have to have all signatures on the petition before submitting your application. You cannot miss or be late to meetings without a valid excuse. You cannot post any flyers on anything without it being approved. The following candidates were disqualified for not complying to all rules and guidelines: Cortina Mosley for treasurer, Kara Bradley for secretary, Kamaria Bush and Amber Davis for Miss Sophomore, and Daron Harris for Mister Sophomore.

For the 2016-2017 school year, your Mister and Miss Sophomore is Derek Edwards and Kamaria Bush. David Kimbro is the Sophomore Class President. The Class of 2018 has a strong team and plans to work together to produce great things for next school year.


SGA Election Coverage by Group 4 can be found below using the hashtag
















Seniors elect Green as Miss Senior

Senior Class Elections

The Executive board team included Shantel Chung, Nick Brown, Dominique Taylor, and Robert Sneed

Each spring, North Carolina A&T State University’s SGA elections create a lot of energy and excitement on campus. This 2016-2017 SGA elections wasn’t any different.

Although the Senior Class had a lot of vacancies, Blair Green ran for Miss Senior and was the only candidate. Since Green was the only candidate for the title, she won Miss Senior for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Blair Green, the new Miss Senior 2016-2017 ran a platform advocating leadership and service. “My platform is T.A.S.K.”, she said. “That stands for tradition, action, service, and knowledge. I want to bring back tradition to the school and also have a lot of community service events for students. I want to have events dedicated towards feeding the homeless, programs for African American girls and self-esteem, and sickle-cell events”.

Green also discussed her feelings on being the only candidate for Miss Senior.

“I feel a little disappointed that I didn’t have any competition, but I am also thankful that I get the opportunity to start on my platform as soon as possible.

Bryan Johnson is a rising senior and will serve as the new Mister Senior 2016-2017, Johnson and journalism and mass communications student. The platform Johnson was running on was, “King’s believe strive and conquer.

For a king believes in service, strives in oneself and conquers in education”. When asking Bryan how does it feel to know that he ran unopposed, he said it makes him strive to push more outside the box.

Johnson also went on to say that he wishes that the rising senior class would have more interest and concern about their class. There is a lack of support and he says that he wants everyone to succeed.

Johnson’s destiny has not always been to run for a position, but when asking him what pushed him to run this year; he told me he has always been a leader and motivator. So he decided to take the next step and, make it a reality.

Questionably, people were shocked that there weren’t others who ran against him. Johnson plans to bring six community programs this upcoming school year to the senior class.

“I have some more tricks up my sleeve but those are a few works in the making”, he said. With his platform and how it represents him is the simple fact that he stays true to who he is, and is a natural to serving others.

Kenneth Rocker is a rising senior and ran for senior class vice president for the 2016-2017 academic school year. He was running on the platform “inspire and create.”

He was seeking to improve the unity within his class and for the future aggie scholars. His plan was to connect members of his class through social and informational events that will ultimately form a relationship between students bonded by success.

Rocker wants to be a driving factor that inspires and creates postgraduate opportunities for the members of his class that will be known throughout the senior class professional careers. Unfortunately his effects in becoming senior vice president were diminished.

On March 24th during the hours of 10:45-11:10 am, he accessed his personal computer to submit the financial disclosure form and was under the impression that his form was submitted. On March 26th when checking his OrgSync portal, Rocker realized that his form was not approved.

Rocker explained that his form may not have been submitted due to a system timeout error that arose when trying to access the school’s network on his personal computer. Therefore, Rocker was disqualified and unable to run for senior class vice president.

Crystal Maye, a rising senior who is a liberal studies with a concentration in pre-law student, was the winner in her campaign for Senior Class Vice President.

Maye’s campaign platform was “Masking a new plan towards building new connections while preparing for the future” While in office of Senior Class Vice President, Maye plans to hold events such as the Graduate day school fair.

This event would help graduating seniors find financial aid for those who plan to go to graduate school. By completing surveys about which schools students plan to attend, Maye would be able to look into these schools to find potential fee waivers.

She also plans to hold an alumnus fair. These alumni fairs would bring alumni to campus and allow seniors to build connections with alumni and acquire stepping stones into the real world.

When asked about the fact that nobody ran for senior class president, Maye was unsure how she felt about it. “I don’t really know how to feel about it” she answered. “I thought more students would have for these positions”.

The Vice President did, however, list some reasons as to why students wouldn’t have run.

“More people would be interested in running for the royal court instead of the Class candidate positions anyway. Also there is the chance that seniors are focusing on going into their last year of school and working on their careers.”

Although there is no current president, Crystal Maye will fill in the President position if the Student class board goes on any ventures known as Retreat. When questioned about why Maye didn’t run for president herself, Maye replied by stating that the vice president is the backbone of the entire organization. “The Vice President holds everything together. I do feel like I am the best person to hold everything together.”

In conclusion, with the positions that are not being finalized there will be a runoff in the fall semester. Students will get to show their interest in running for the opening positions.










Mister and Miss A&T updates

Reported by Janay Boone and Ashley Mason

Students came out and voted for their next Mister and Miss A&T on March 26, 2014.

Mister A&T candidates included James Bowen an Industrial & Systems Engineering student from Riegelwood, NC , Brenden Kee an Engineering student from Atlanta, GA  and Bryan Miller a Graphic Communications Systems .

Miss A&T candidates featured Jordan Outing a Business Management student from Chesapeake, VA, Brittany Newton a Secondary Education student from Fayetteville, NC, and Madison Gibbs a Political Science student from Greensboro, NC.

Candidates had to participate in the first ever Mister and Miss A&T Pageant to qualify for the ballot. They had to participate in a talent portion, Q/A portions and an opening dance number to Janelle Monae’s “Tightrope”.  Students awaited the announcement in the Memorial Student Union.

The current Mister Junior James Bowen will be your next Mister A&T for the 2014-2015 school year. Miss A&T candidates are due for a re-election because of a mishap with the ballot.

Due to technical difficulties all three candidates running for Miss A&T will be on next week’s ballot. Run-off elections will be held on April 2, 2014. You can vote in the Exhibit Hall in the Memorial Student Union or on your electronic device

Junior Class Election Results

Reported by Brianna Bazemore, Brianna Forte, Danielle Fuller and Miranda Jacobs

The results for Junior Class elections are in and the winners are as follows:  Junior Class vice president, Diamond Womack. During elections Diamond Womack was not able to be reached for an interview; therefore little is known about her platform.  The office of treasurer was awarded to Marcus Miller. Miller ran unopposed but he understands that the office of treasure is a demanding position. When asked why he was running unopposed, Miller stated that though many in the student body are focused on money, few know how properly manage funds or know where funds come from. Miller wants to focus on financial literacy for students. For junior class secretary there was an issue with the submission of the final forms.  So, it is unclear if there is an elected class secretary. There was also the understanding that Autumn Bracey was running unopposed but there was another candidate on the ballot.

For the remaining offices runoff elections are scheduled. The runoff elections will be scheduled for April 2, 2014 in the union and online from 8 o’clock am to 6 o’clock pm.  The following candidates will be in the runoff elections: Aryanna Allen and Kayla Harris for junior class president. There will be a runoff election between Charity Maddox and Kristie Foye for Junior Class Queen. Lastly, there will be runoff election between Jamal Averett and Austin Ogletree for Junior Class King.



SGA Elections Follow-Up: Executive Board

Reported by Andre Kirkland, Chris Jones, Devon Murray, Doneshia Webster

Gabrielle Gray, also known as The Gift of Gab, came out of the rumble demanding respect by being confident, having poise, and gaining trust through words of promise became the new SGA Treasurer for the 2014-2015 academic school year. With her modest grace, Gabrielle will lead her fellow Aggies into achieving financial literacy and building towards their future.

Knowing that she was running unopposed, Kayla Baker paraded her secretarial duties gracefully to her audience. While entrusting to the people that they were in good hands, she kept her title for the 2014-2015 academic school year as their SGA Secretary.

As the final round came into play, it was clear that every Aggie was ready to jump aboard the Davis train! Through sweat and tears Dorian Davis was pronounced SGA President for the 2014-2015 academic school year. With the motto “No Aggie Left Behind,” Davis showed gratitude, humility, and meekness, while still being overcome with excitement and shock.

With the rumble still in effect between the candidates running for Vice President of External Affairs, Melanie Jones and James Brown, who will come out on top? The battle also continues between Me’Lia Covington and Braielyn Peoples for SGA Attorney General. Both candidates are in it to win it as they continue in the running to become the next SGA Attorney General.

Senior class follow-up

Reported by: Marcella Elliott, Prince Adams, Megan Gerald, Kayla Hamilton

Candidate Asha E. Bowen is a rising senior running for senior class president. She is the only one running for this position on the ballot so she won with default. The two candidates running for the 2014-2015 Senior Vice Presidents were Lauren A.R. Parker and Keisha M. Lidburd, there was no information found on the results of who won, and the candidates could not be found for further information. If any of candidates are up for runoffs, there will be more information on Wednesday, April 2nd.

Candidate Jabriel Brown won senior class secretary by default. And the position for senior class treasure will be vacant this year due to the fact that no one ran for this position.

Candidate Robert Harrison Tate is a junior business management student from Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He wanted to run for senior class king, because he was involved with SGA last year as their graphic designer creating promotional ads and wanted to take his efforts to the next level. Tate thinks it is important to give young people a positive example; he wants to be the one that keeps someone going and striving for success. On March 26th, he was crowned Senior Class king for the 2014-2015 academic school year, though he was running unopposed. Robert now is able to fulfill his dreams as being a role model for his senior class of 2015.

Candidate Adrianne N. Darby was running for senior class queen. She is involved in ROTC and believes in service for the community. Darby wants to create unique volunteer opportunities for the senior class, unlike previous years before her. Her platform is change and if she had won then she promised she would have implemented this. Joy McIntyre is a Junior Business student with a concentration in Marketing from Prince George’s County, Maryland. In high school she was involved in Student Government for the latter two years of her grade school experience. She attended many conferences as a student representative including Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Government (PGRASG) and the Maryland Association of Student Council (MASC). Involved since her freshman year as an Aggie Ambassador, Student Tele-counselor, as well as being on the E-board for Metro Aggies. I have continued this involvement every year since. “I feel that now I can take my passion and ideas to the next level by being the representation for my entire class”- Joy McIntyre. It was by her passion and dedication that Joy won. She gave powerful speeches proving to her audience that she was the best candidate for Miss Senior Class Queen. With Keya Elie and Adrianne Darby making this competition easy, Joy spoke with confidence, gave it her all and flashed her beautiful smile, winning her title Miss Senior Class Queen.

Senior class

Senior Class

Reported by: Marcella Elliott, Prince Adams, Megan Gerald, Kayla Hamilton

Candidate: Asha E. Brown

Office: Senior class President

Asha is the only person running for this position. She was unavailable to give commentary for an interview.

Candidate:  Lauren A. Parker

Office: Vice President

Lauren was unable to give commentary for an interview.

Candidate: Keisha M. Liburd

Office: Vice President

Keisha was unable to give commentary for an interview.

Candidate: Jabriel Brown

Office: Senior Class Secretary

Jabriel, was unable to give commentary for and Interview.

Senior class Treasure: No Candidate

Candidate: Joy M. McIntyre

Office: Senior Class Queen

Hello, my name is Joy Marie McIntyre. I am a Junior Business student with a concentration in Marketing from Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Going to college was always my plan but the only problem I had in high school was determining the institution that I would trust to mold me into a successful young woman. The determining factor as to why I became an Aggie was my tour. Once stepping foot on campus I had a great feeling. Then once the tour started I automatically had a sense of Aggie Pride. I chose North Carolina A&T State University because despite of all the other options that I was considering, the first few people that I met on campus were so friendly and family-oriented I felt like I belonged here. I instantly knew by the end of my tour that I would be able to excel here at the university then submitted my intent to enroll 15 minutes later.

Although I have had a tremendous amount of support from my parents, my entire family, and even advisors here at A&T, I would have to label my biggest supporters as my mother and aunt. These women have been the most influential because their achievements have pushed me to be who I am today and they have been there rooting for me every step of the way.

In high school I was involved in Student Government for the latter two years of my grade school experience. I loved it because we were given tasks to find out student opinions about different topics and at least one recommendation to make it better. I also attended many conferences as a student representative including Prince George’s Regional Association of Student Government (PGRASG) and the Maryland Association of Student Council (MASC). I have been involved since freshman year as an Aggie Ambassador, Student Tele-counselor, as well as being on the E-board for Metro Aggies. I have continued this involvement every year since. I feel that now I can take my passion and ideas to the next level by being the representation for my entire class.

As Senior Class Queen, my goal is to help the Senior Class enhance our social, moral, intellectual, cultural and political life as we make use of our last year at this illustrious institution. Royalty is not superiority, but instead it is mere representation. I understand that this position is mostly dedication to implementing programs and community service. With all of my leadership roles on campus, as well as being a Program Provider for Girl Scouts outside of the University, I have many ideas that will increase the student involvement on campus and in our community. To give you a glimpse of my ideas I will start with interesting and unique programs to increase awareness on topics such as violence in the youth community, Female mentoring programs for young girls in the community, as well as different events to help keep a clean community.

Candidate: Keya A. Elie

Office: Senior Class queen

Keya was unable to be contacted for an interview.

Candidate: Adrianne N. Darby

Office: Senior class queen

Adrianne was unable to be contacted for an interview.

Candidate: Robert Harrison Tate

Office: Senior Class King

Junior Robert Harrison Tate is from Marlboro, Maryland and is currently running for senior class king. He has been involved with the SGA for the past year as their graphic designer creating promotional ads. Robert has enjoyed doing community service with his class over the years and wanted to take his efforts to the next level as senior class king. Tate’s motivation to strive for senior class king is his drive to help the community. He thinks it is important to give young people a positive example, so that his peers can be motivated to do well, as he is.