It’s election season here at North Carolina A&T State University. Covering the candidates running for Executive Board positions, we witnessed all sides of campaigning.

Cali Turner covered the SGA Attorney General and Vice President of External Affairs. The candidates running for Attorney general are Tylik McMillan, Bridget Rouse, and Kayla Tate. Tylik McMillan won this position. The candidates running for Vice President of external Affairs are David Kimbro and Brandon Jackson. David Kimbro won this position.

Tylik McMillan- Erasing the Divide.

David Kimbro- Together, let’s take our institution to a new level.

Blair Barnes covered the SGA Treasurer and the Vice President Internal Affairs candidates for the 2017-18 NCAT elections. So far she has covered one candidate, Zachary McWilliams, and Derek Edwards, who are both running for treasurer, and ShaiAnn Clayton running for Vice President Internal Affairs. She plans to cover those candidates who weren’t in attendance at the meet and greet on Wednesday, during election day. She also plans to cover information about the SGA Secretary position.

For the 2017-18 NCAT Elections the Executive Board winners for Treasurer and VPIA have been announced. ShiAnn Clayton with a platform of, “Protecting the integrity of our Constitution” who is the new 2017-18 VPIA. Derek Edwards, with a slogan of, “Know your worth”, is the new 2017-18 Treasurer. Unfortunately the position for the Student Government Association Secretary position is still open.

Eric Cross covered the SGA president and SGA Vice President candidates for the 2017-2018 NCAT elections. Courtney Kimble, who was originally planning on running f or SGA President and was the only candidate on the ballot was disqualified from the election. With no other candidates running against her, elections for SGA President and Vice President will be held in the Fall of 2017.

Tori Turner covered the Mister and Miss NCAT candidates for the 2017-18 election season. The candidates for Mister NCAT were Quishun Jenkins, Ryan Goodwin (Back to 1891: Restoring the Essence of Aggie Pride), and DreShaun Jarmon (Let’s Build: Destination innovation). The candidates for Miss NCAT were Simone Nicholson (Redefining Black Royalty: Land, Body, and Soul, Aniya Bradsher , and Jennifer Wilson (Against all ODDS). After the election the winner of Mister A&T was Quishun Jenkins with the platform of “A Cut Above”. In regards to Miss A&T there will be a runoff election with Aniya Bradsher with the platform of “It’s T.I.M.E. to Shine!” on April 5th.