Reported by Brianna Anderson, Victoria Jackson & Jasmine Lindor
Senior Campaigns
The 2017 Senior Candidates have represented the dedication and hard work that it takes to run a senior class at North Carolina A&T state University. The individuals elected for these positions have been qualified and achieved the necessary tools to be able to withstand the responsibilities of leading the class of 2018.
Miss Senior
For that class of 2018 their Senior year is quickly approaching and it is time to determine our leaders for NCAT as this semester comes to an end. The candidates that are running for Miss Senior at North Carolina A&T State University is Kentona Tinsley, Essence Corey, Zakia Jackson, Keonia Rodgers and Brianna Andrews. These females have been dedicating their time and effort in trying to become your next Ms. Senior; dorm storming, creating events for all students, offering treats and gifts for your vote. With all the pressure ending as we are getting are close to election day,which is March 29, 2017 and we will have new leaders and Mr./Ms. For each class. It can be very tough trying to be the one who finishes to the top but it’s all worth it if you believe in the work you are putting out to your class as well as the NCAT community. For each candidate, we will report their platform and what they feel they can do for their class as well the University. Within each candidate, you see the hard work and determination they have to be the next for their positon.
Mister Senior
Four candidates ran in hopes of becoming the next Mister Senior for the 2017-2018 academic school year. The candidates were Paul Johnson, Quincy Simmons, James Clark the third and Trey Cash. Paul Johnson planned on Inspiring others while Quincy Simmons wanted to impact our future. James Clark the third wanted to finish the race while Trey Cash wanted to cash out with service. Unfortunately Trey Cash was disqualified for not turning in his financial disclosure form on Friday after the candidates rally leaving Paul, Quincy and James to battle for the title. On Wednesday after the polls closed and all votes were in Paul Johnson was announced Mister Senior 2017-2018.
Senior Class Treasurer
School of business and economics candidate Justice Oliver is running for senior class treasurer. She is willing to be a motivated and determined class treasurer and it’s ready to be at our service with her slogan “Money is the motive.” Justice believes that “it’s not the money that matters, it’s how you use it that determines its true value.”