Elections will be Wednesday, March 29. Students enrolled in JOMC 220-003 will live Tweet coverage during class time and write profiles of candidates. Students are reporting as teams, but each student is responsible for a beat (in this case, a group of candidates).

The goals: Train students to report news as it unfolds, allow for story clips/portfolio pieces, mastery of Twitter as a news-breaking tool, and to strengthen their reporting.

Sophomore Class: 
Deon Joyce
Kayla Walton
Rashad Bovian
Lena Turner

Junior Class:
Chaysn Carter
Ciara Parker
Oscar Moses
Alexis Smith

Senior Class:
Victoria Jackson
Brianna Anderson
Jasmine Lindor

Executive Board: 
Tori Turner
Eric Cross
Blair Barnes
Cali Turner

Mr. & Miss A&T: 
Brandon Wade

The meet the candidates rally is: Friday, March 24, 2017 in the Corbett Sports Center from 5pm-8pm.